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Whenever she meet, she talk only one thing, her words were only words, nothing could be understood that what is going on, it is the same thing that boys do not understand the words of girls, just one thing could have been done. To be heard silently. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

It is a matter of one day when Seema was going to college, then a friend of her was also with her. Every day Kartik  think that when she would tell her things, but someone or the other was always with her, not even getting time to talk at all. Kartik  and Seema had been studying together in college for three years. But Kartik never got a chance to talk about himself. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

In today’s fast life, Kartik took a year to understand Seema, the second year to tell her, but the time was also told to tell, the third year was going on but Kartik could not know anything that he was from Seema. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY How to talk It was very difficult to talk to Seema, how Kartik could not understand anything, how to say his point, Kartik thought that I should write a letter and give it to Seema. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

This seemed to be the only way, but Kartik thought that how could he give Seema letter, only then Kartik would keep it in a book and give it to Seema, but why would Seema take that book, now again Kartik got immersed in his thinking, EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY he did not understand anything. was coming, the next day Kartik met Seema, at that time Seema had gone to drink water, at the same time Kartik also walked with Seema and was about to speak to Seema that suddenly Seema’s other friend came on her, now Kartik again started thinking that nothing can happen now. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

Now Kartik had made up his mind that if Seema speaks first, then only then I will speak, but like this, a few more months have passed and this year’s exams have also come, the exams are over and a few days after the exam, Seema called all the friends to Kartik. Did not know that many other friends would also come to him, EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY Kartik was thinking in his mind that today he would definitely speak to Seema, but as soon as Kartik wanted to speak his words, then all the friends came there, now Kartik could not understand. what is all this doing here. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

           EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY- 2022  

Then Seema smiled a little and took out some cards from her bag and gave this card to Seema’s wedding, Seema’s marriage was going to happen in a few days, then Kartik understood that girls only talk and they talk to anyone. We do not understand, we do not understand some things, so we do not know about what happens. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

I know that I understand the words of love but why does it seem that she does not understand this, EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY I  think that she is also understanding the words of love but today it does not seem so from her words Today, a lot has changed, his words have also changed, why this change has come, I do not understand anything, I have to find out by telling this. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

He go to near girl, why she changed today. While she used to say that the duty of love is to be remembered and I don’t want to leave you on the way, today I feel like. she has forgotten everything she shouldn’t have. but don’t know why she is doing this. He goes to her and says I have to tell that why are you doing this when it’s not right. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

You love me yet you are saying this she says that Today a lot has changed today is not what it sudden Everything has changed today nothing can happen where I don’t like it but what should I do. I don’t understand anything. She walks away saying that maybe she doesn’t want to tell.  EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY but I feel like nothing will happen now she wants to go away. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

After a long time everything is understood, today I come to know that this life which we call very good is not so good, it can be anything that we do not even know, today my life has changed, today love too scared to say. Now he waiting her, But till now he was not getting any sign of her coming, he leaves after waiting for a long time because he thinks that now she is not going to come even though he had asked to meet why she has not come, He was worried about something, so he goes towards her house. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

He loves her very much but why she hasn’t come yet, when he reached her house there was no one at home. It seemed to him that maybe everyone from home has gone somewhere, no one is visible, how can it be that he comes back to his house because he did not find anyone, the next day he returned to the house again. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY  And goes but no one is visible, how is it happening, a man was going from the same boy asks about that house, everyone says that now there is no one here, they are all gone, this Hearing this, the boy gets sad. EMOTIONAL LOVE STORY

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