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MONIKA LOVE STORY | A TRUE LOVE STORY:-  It was a true story. Two families always argue, whatever was the reason for the argue, because both of these families lived face to face. They argue any other talking. there live in a colony you can ask where is argue family. they tell you. all know them argue family name. Could anyone have expected that so many people could ever live together, no one would ever believe that. MONIKA LOVE STORY

But it had happened, a day came in both the families, due to which their quarrel had not only ended, but it was over, the matter of those days when it was getting very cold, Pankaj was the boy of the other family, And Monika was a girl from another family, both like each other, but due to the quarrel of each other family, both of them thought that their marriage is a very difficult task. what to do this. That’s why getting married is a very distant thing, even if both the families come together, then both will not remain silent for some time. MONIKA LOVE STORY

But what happened that both the families left the fight, you must be thinking the same, it took us a long time, what happened in both the families, let’s know, Pankaj was alone in his house one day. There was a wedding in the family village, everyone had gone there, Pankaj had his studies, so he could not go, it was a winter night, everyone used to go to their house in the evening, hardly anyone was visible outside, Monika Always talk to Pankaj on the phone, both studied in the same college, they were together since college days. MONIKA LOVE STORY

Monika was calling to Pankaj at night on that’s day. it was 10 o’clock at night. All the people were preparing to sleep after having dinner, when two thieves came on their terrace, it was difficult to see them because of the cold, both the thieves entered the room from the terrace, and came to Monika’s house, Monika got a A voice came, she saw that both the thieves had caught her parents, Monika was feeling very scared, Monika told this to Pankaj. MONIKA LOVE STORY


Two thief was come in our house. they caught my parents now what we do now  Pankaj say’s, No need to do anything, I am coming now, Pankaj had gone to Monika’s house alone, Pankaj rang the bell of her house and said that many of us have come here, you called us, very important today Have to talk, and the matter will also be decided by morning, some people are also coming, open the door early, it is very cold. that’s heard thief run from there.

they feel that many people are come here. thief open the door and run from away. Today the thieves had left there because of Pankaj, today Pankaj was feeling very good, the next day Pankaj’s parents also came, Monika’s parents apologized to Pankaj’s parents, and both the family quarrel. It was over, for some time both of them were married, friends, trouble comes in front of everyone but we should not panic, but face it. MONIKA LOVE STORY

Monika was still studying in school, it was her last year, after that she must have completed her studies, she still remembers this time, after that she will go back to her home, because she is away from home for her studies. Yes, her exams were just over, but she couldn’t forget the one she loved, she also knew that after a few days she would leave her home, and she would stop meeting him. MONIKA LOVE STORY

The next day, he was come to meet Monika, but she didn’t there. her luggage was not there also. it’s mean was clear Monika was gone. she tell me that after some days later she was gone. but she was go without tell me I don’t think this. And Sunil was not know her address. but Sunil was know her village name. he think to meet her because Monika was gone like this. This our love cannot remain incomplete, he understood. MONIKA LOVE STORY

The next day was gone to meet her. he reached her village that’s tell Monika. he don’t know Monika address but he reached Monika’s village. he asked to many people but don’t know her anyone there. he search her in this village. but he didn’t get Monika’s address. Perhaps she give me wrong address. she don’t want one day I coming he reached her village. MONIKA LOVE STORY

But Sunil still did not understand one thing, how did he know about this village, why did he tell me this village, Sunil could not understand anything but he only knew that this village is not his. Yes, he goes back to his house, but he does not forget Monika even for a few days, only then he remembers that he had a friend whom he also met, maybe she can tell everything, he wants to meet her because She can tell something about Monika. MONIKA LOVE STORY

He goes to her. then Sunil got a one thing that that’s village was her friend so she was know this village. but now Sunil get Monika’s address . but now he didn’t want to meet her. because he understand that she didn’t want Sunil come near her. Some loves are like that Whose story hurts so much. When Monika saw him first time she seemed that he was good boy. because he helped Monika one day.  Monika was very poor in this story. he thinks about loves. But whether she should love him or not. She couldn’t think of anything about it. MONIKA LOVE STORY

he is rich boy. Perhaps he didn’t likes to saw Monika. All these thoughts were going on in Monika’s mind. one day Monika was come to take some goods for home. that’s boy was in this shop. he take something. Monika saw him, Monika didn’t even care. Not that she is moving forward. There is a lot of stuff in front of him. He doesn’t get noticed. Because she was looking at that boy. Monika suddenly falls. The boy looks at her. goes to help him. he asks. MONIKA LOVE STORY

You’re alright? because Monika was fall down. but Monika was alright now. the boys saw her, now he understand that Monika meet him already. he say to see Monika I remember a few days ago. We have met before. But Monika was listening to him. She keeps looking at him. The boy does not understand all this. He leaves with his belongings. Monika was thinking about those dreams. which can never be complete. After that day the boy is not seen by Monika. Now Monika understands. MONIKA LOVE STORY

Now Monika understands. It is not necessary. What we dream He can be enough. But dreams must be seen because some dreams can be fulfilled. Maybe Monika’s dream can also come true. But when will it be completed? no one knows this. MONIKA LOVE STORY

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