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She had come to meet you but you did not give any answer, why have you done this, she was waiting for you, she thought that you would talk to her.
But you did not say anything, I am your friend, you can tell me everything, what is the matter, why are you doing this when you love him so much, what happened, tell me something, he was still silent, why are you silent? You are sitting, what is the matter. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

He started saying that I should back away from this now, the friend was unable to understand anything after hearing about the retreat, he asked what happened. Tell me the whole thing first, only then he thinks that everything was going well but something like this will happen, I am not sure, we will have to support this till now, even his friend understands something. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

I was not able to know what had happened, he started saying that it was a few days ago, I had to bring some goods, I went to the market. I don’t know that Rinku also come to market. I talking her and saying that today I want to take some goods. first I take after that we go to at home together. but Rinku say that now I don’t stopped here because a urgent work at her home. so I want to go quickly.

after that she gone saying this. I also feel like that she also have a work and I want go to take goods. I took my goods. but what is this Rinku’s father was front of me. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

I was feared to saw him. because they were far only one step and he asked me what is your name, what you do? I also tell him that  I doing now study  after that he asked about my college, he think one minute. I think he understand that Rinku also study in that’s college. he asked me what you doing here, because he saw me to talk with Rinku. he say that when till I know Rinku. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY  I tell him that we study both same class. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

after that he didn’t say anything and go from there. The friend said that there was no issue in this, then why are you thinking more, now I have not told you the whole thing, because of this something had happened due to which we started having trouble, his friend did not understand what had happened. Then I started telling what had happened, since then Rinku’s father started keeping an eye on me, SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY  I had no information about this, I used to meet Rinku everyday, I did not know that his father was watching me. keeping it looks like he saw me


It was only certain to come in front of him, after a few days he had come suddenly, he came in front of me and started saying that I have seen you everyday, you meet Rinku, at first I refused but when he told that I Was told it was not right to refuse. he asked that since when have you been together and what is going on in your mind. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

After listening to his words, I did not have the courage to say anything, it seemed that it would be good to leave from here but it seemed that Nothing good will happen today I do something in such a way that you can understand, after listening to his words, I understood that if I met Rinku again, then it would be better. no, I don’t understand anything now. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

After listening to them, I understood that if I meet Rinku again, it will not be good, I do not understand anything now when Rinku came, I was not saying anything, my friend said that this is not a good thing. Yes, you should have told him something, he should also know that what has happened, he will never be able to know anything, SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY  it was not done well, you have to talk to Rinku, then something can happen, he said that now with all these things Nothing will happen because our love can’t move forward. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY

The next day had come, his friend had met Rinku and told him the whole thing that when Rinku came to know, he was very sad because father should not have said this but what could be done, he could also tell me was but he didn’t say anything, it’s not good to tell yes when this happened you should have thought. SCHOOL SAD LOVE STORY


                      ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

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