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ROMANTIC LOVE STORY – Shilpa was my good friend. We love each other also. we live always together. When did our love story begin? When I came to live near her house. She  live in front of our house. I  see her often. Because I started liking Shilpa very much. Slowly she starts feeling it. I only see her. But she didn’t start talking. I always think. You should have your say to her.

So New Year’s Day was about to come. I was feeling I can tell my feeling in that day. Because that new year will be very good for me. That’s why I went to her that day with a greeting card. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY she was going at her home. I think she take some goods from market. That’s why I felt. Today he should wish New Year. That’s why I went near her. He was given a new year card. I had written my mind in that card. she took that card. After that she left without saying anything.

I was feeling Maybe she has something on her mind. Was waiting to tell him. Because I think no answer has come yet. Was on the roof that day. So was waiting for his talk.  after some time she was come, a paper was in her hand. and she throw paper on my side. But instead of coming to me, it fell down It should not fall in anyone’s hand. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

So I went downstairs quickly. After that he had read. It was written in it. she likes me. After that day both of us meet everyday. say good things. After some time we got to talking. We talk to each other a lot. Love can happen anytime, it does not see anything similar happened with Sanjeev. Sanjeev came to college first time. he don’t know anyone there. all people was new for him. His first day was very difficult. Because he don’t know anyone. Sanjeev was very good boy. but he don’t loves anyone till now.

When he fall in love he under stand that nothing without love. he was came college daily. He think that the more we can read, the less it is for us. so we do study more. Sanjeev likes Reena so much. he was saw her daily and think about her that how talk to her.  Sanjeev also have a friend that’s name was Suresh. he was sit with him. Suresh was also almost the same as Sanjeev, both were of the same age. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

Sanjeev told his story to Suresh that he likes Reena very much. but Suresh tell him that we should focus our study. If we think to these things then we will not be able to move forward. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY But Sanjeev now wanted to move forward, Sanjeev was thinking that talk to me anyhow and He was planning to talk to Reena by ignoring Suresh’s words. and one day he was trying to talk her but Reena don’t like to talk him. because she don’t know that who was Sanjeev. Because Sanjeev was come first time at her city.


and he was also new in her college. But after trying many times, finally Sanjeev started talking to Reena and Rena also started liking Sanjeev, both started talking. After getting away from all the difficulties, Sanjeev started talking to Reena even outside the college and started walking together. Sanjeev’s friend came to know about this and he started saying that you should not do this because if you do this and someone sees it then it is not a good thing but Sanjeev was not ready to listen to him. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

Reena’s words. But slowly the time passed and the exams also came, after that everyone started preparing for the exam and when the exams were completed, Reena had to leave from there. because her father was do work in a company. her father was going another company so Reena was also going with her family. Sanjeev still remembers that those days were very good when we to talk together Sanjeev’s love did not last much but he remembers those days very well which he could not forget. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY.

When Sanjeev told this to his friend Suresh, his friend said that I had already said that you should not do this but you were not believing that now she is gone, so now you do not need to think anything now It is not possible that Suresh had explained a lot to Sanjeev that you should not have done this, you should not have taken this love forward. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

By the time you went ahead it was too late you were not ready to listen at all now she is gone so why do you think about it now Suresh had explained a lot to Sanjeev that you should not love Reena Should have wanted but some happy moments of your life that could have happened with you by loving Reena have also gradually decreased now you are mostly sad, she is not going to come back. Because she has left this city, now you have to focus your mind on studies. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

I know it is very difficult but you have to do it otherwise you will slowly go on breaking from inside, slowly listening to Sanjeev. Suresh  he knew that Suresh had stopped him many times but Sanjeev was not ready to listen due to which he has to suffer today.  Sanjeev says to Suresh that That I see my mind sad like this, tell me such a way so that I can overcome this problem Suresh said that gradually you will have to forget those memories that you had created together slowly because if If those memories keep going with you. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY

then you will be sad in life, you will have to remove this sadness too, you will have to put your mind in work, in your studies. Sanjeev was listening to Suresh but it was not easy, he knew that even if he wanted to forget, he could not forget quickly, what to do now he can only regret Suresh said that you should spend more and more time studying But only then you can do something, slowly this time will also pass and you will forget those memories too slowly, time has a big hand in this. ROMANTIC LOVE STORY


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