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ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022:-               

It was 10.00 at night. Ranjeet was to switch off the mobile when the mobile ring. He turn off the mobile every day before sleeping. The recharge of SIM with his Airtel was about to end, so he opened the message thinking that there might be a new offer. Because when Jio has come in the market, there has been a competition among SIM companies to offer. Ranjeet was a resident of a village in Jaipur. who worked as a mason in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area with some friends from his village. the daily wage was not much.

So he tried to keep his own expenses to a minimum so that he could send as much money as possible to the family members. So he opened the message out of curiosity but was it just one word flashing on the screen of the mobile, “Sorry”

Ranjeet did not understand anything for a moment, but when his eyes fell on the number coming to the message, suddenly he got up from the bed and sat down. The name of the sender of the message was probably saved in his mobile. And this name was enough to make him sleepy. Everything was forgotten but I forgot how to delete this number. He cursed himself. He lay down on the bed with the intention of sleeping again. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

But sleep was far from his eyes. The memories he had buried in the dark well of his heart were once again alive today. He turned restless and turned. But where was those memories going to leave her behind so easily? He looked out the window, a group of dark clouds slowly taking over the moon, and memories began to take over his mind and heart. Every single incident of yesterday started revolving in front of his eyes like a film. He closed his eyes in panic and finally got lost in the dense forest of memories. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

“O” Hello! Listen.

It was 8:00 at night. He was lying on the roof, looking at the twinkling stars in the sky. Then he heard the sound of a girl whispering. He looked in the direction of the voice. He saw that a dark girl standing near the small door at the end of the stairs of the terrace was pointing to him to come near. He was very shy in the matter of girls and had come into a new relationship, so he was a little hesitant to approach the girl.

“You come here” she said in a mischievous manner. He thought that the girl might have come with the intention of joking. The girl came to him fearfully and, handing an envelope in her hands, said – this is what my friend Riya has asked to give to you. Who is this Riya? He asked the girl with a questioning tone. Ranjeet’s younger sister Ankita got married just a week ago and he had come to her in-laws’ house for her bahu banquet party. Ranjeet, a resident of a small village, was very happy to marry his beloved sister in the city. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

Ankita’s in-laws were very wealthy and Ranjeet liked their behavior too. Especially the love and belongingness of Ankita’s mother-in-law and father-in-law had won her heart. But he was still unfamiliar with the rest of his family. Riya is your sister’s sister-in-law. Saying this, the girl went down the stairs and with the envelope in her hand, she kept on watching her go away speechless. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

                   ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

For a while he had no idea what to do. Then after thinking for a while, he slowly opened the envelope and looked at it. Inside was a small letter and a picture of a dusky girl. Looking carefully at the girl in the picture, he strained his mind. He thought maybe I had seen it sometime. Yes, remember last year when I came here for the engagement, the girl had run away by throwing curd here. And yes it was also there in 4-5 girls involved in the procession but I did not pay attention. He thought with a smile. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

Then keeping the picture on the side, he started reading that letter by lighting the torch of the mobile.

“My dear Ranjeet ji”,

I love you very, very much. I love you so much that I can’t tell. Just understand that I have given my body and mind to your name. I have accepted you as my husband and in this life I cannot belong to anyone other than you. And don’t you think that I love your body. I love you for last one year. Without seeing, without knowing, only in your name, know how. A year ago, when the people of our house came to see your sister, all the people of our house used to praise you only.

After listening to him, I think that what kind of boy is he that everyone always praises him. That’s how slowly I fell in love with you. For the last one year, I have waited every moment that when this marriage will happen and when will I see you. And now after seeing you, it seems that I will not be able to live without you even for a moment. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022


Ranjeet ji, I do not know whether you will believe me or not, but you must believe in one thing that if you do not accept my love, then I will give my life by consuming poison. Now the decision is in your hands. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

yours Riya

After reading the letter, Ranjeet got into thinking what to do and what not to do. Because on the one hand there was a fear of breaking the true love and trust of a girl, on the other side there was a fear of poisoning her sister’s married life. Brother! Why are you sitting here till now, let’s not sleep. That was the voice of his sister Ankita.

He slowly got up and went downstairs to sleep. But where was the sleep in his eyes now? He kept thinking all night but could not reach any conclusion.

He was packing his bag to go back to his house in the morning when he saw a gift pack inside. When he opened it inside the bag, there was a gift of the lover couple and a small paper on which it was written. I am at the old house, will visit me. The house of Ankita’s in-laws was in two places. The old house was at some distance from the new house. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

I just came ! He told Ankita and came on the road. Despite Deepak not wanting, his steps kept on moving towards the old house. Riya was alone there and looked very sad. Now I am going to take care of myself. That was all that could come out of his mouth. Her innocuous eyes, which were pounding the ground together with the nails of her feet, woke up for a moment and at once many pearls were scattered from her eyes. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

Then suddenly the dam of his patience broke. She moved forward with a jolt and cried with her head on Deepak’s shoulder. A stream of tears fell from Riya’s eyes. The tears flowing from his eyes were testimony to his true love. He kept looking at her in shock. Then he somehow silenced her and asked for permission to go. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022


When will you come again? She was holding his wrist tightly. I will come soon Deepak said, wiping her tears with her dupatta. Call me after reaching home. Riya said leaving his hand. Ok ! Saying this he hurriedly left. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022

But after leaving there, he felt as if he had left his most valuable thing with her. Because it was true that he had never loved her but that mad girl’s innocent love had sown the seeds of desire on the barren land of her heart. ROMANTIC TRUE LOVE STORY| 2022



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