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I still remember the day when after insisting a lot from my father, I asked for 5 rupees because in class you said that you like golgappas very much… and I like you… yours and my house were on the right side and on the way ‘Kailash’ The golgappe wala used to put his handcart…there were two ways to go home, you would go the other way and I was very happy that day… after mining five coins of RS 1 in navy blue colored school pants pocket was chirping and I was thinking of myself as Bill Gates…Maybe I got five rupees for the first time and I had to give you a surprise by feeding golgappas…

After the school holiday, gathered courage and told you- Jyoti, come home with me on my way home today, won’t you? Although we were friends but not so good that you would trust me…’ I nee Aari’ you said angrily… ‘Please come on, don’t you have to surprise me’… I said with a lot of anticipation… went and started leaving because my image in class was that of baikait and loafer boys…

I was going so you came and said – wait, I will come but you stay 4 feet away from me…. I smiled and said okay… we started walking and I am feeling happy thinking that I will feed you your favorite thing and Maybe with this the fish of love towards me started diving in the ocean of your heart… Well the golgappe shop came… I stopped… You asked out of curiosity – why did you stop? A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

Me- oh! Jyoti, you will eat golgappas, will you not?
You – oh wow!!!!!! I will definitely eat

There was a sparkle in your eyes. And my soul was getting contentment and incomparable happiness. Then 3 golgappas of 1 rupee used to come.

Me- Kailash bhaiyya, please have five golgappas. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022
Kailash Bhaiya- Ji Babu Ji. (calling me to the ear) Why girlfriend?
Me (laughs) – neither nor brother. You too
Kailash Bhaiya had caught you by pouring water in Golgappa that you cried loudly – Ravi…  A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

In this, a smart little lady (probably from another school) in front of whom I was the same as sugar, came towards us with good red color Karizma and stopped the bike and said – Jyoti, I am coming from your school only. Let’s have two tickets for ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, sit early’

Hi Hrithik Roshan!!!!’ You jumped up and threw the golgappa into the ground and said to me – Sorry Ankit, today I have to go to a movie with someone, sometime.

And I understood who this “someone” would be.


Saying this, you sat on the bike and clung to the goon, with both your hands tied in his chest.
You were disappearing from my eyes and all I could see was your black socks. Seeing him, there was a blackness in my eyes.
Kailash Bhaiya’s eyes were also filled with tears and my two Naina’s were shedding neer.
Kailash Bhaiyya- Don’t leave, Babuji. E girls are like this. Aisa kinda hota hai to break someone’s heart like a mirror.

Saying this, he picked up the cloth from which he used to wipe the sweat and started wiping his tears. I cried too.
There were only 14 golgappas left and Kailash Bhaiya was insisting on eating. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

The heart was going in flashback while eating a golgappa. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022
Second Golgappa- You were a newcomer in class in the seventh grade, applying thick kajal in my eyes and sat in the front seat of me.
Third Golgappa – You sang the song ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhe Se’ in the seventh standard annual function.
Fourth Golgappa- Your image was settled in my eyes on the night of the same day.
Fifth Golgappa- Madam made you sit with me on the first day of class VIII. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

Sixth Golgappa- I was very happy. Your words would smell of Head and Shoulders Shampoo and I would get lost in that scent everyday. This was the reason why I had brought an egg in the half yearly examination of class VIII. And madam made me laugh. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

Seventh Golgappa- I had failed, so madam had made you sit with a smart girl. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022
Eighth Golgappa – I was depressed. And I had not eaten for 3 days.
Nine Golgappa- I used to follow you till your home every day after vacation. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

Tenth Golgappa – I used to go round your house every morning and evening in the hope that you might be able to see the house for just a glimpse outside.
Eleventh Golgappa – You scolded me one day that don’t follow me after leave. And that day I felt very bad, since then I started going home by the other way.
Twelfth Golgappa – We had reached the ninth standard. It was Diwali. The songs of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai were released. I sat in the class with your picture in my eyes. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

Thirteenth Golgappa – I had asked you after Diwali by gathering courage whether you have any boyfriend. You said – No, I am not such a girl.
That night I was very happy thinking that you will ever know that no matter what I am for you, but for me you are the one for whom I breathe.
Fourteenth Golgappa – Aaj Kaho Na Payar Hai has released and I am insisting on asking my father for five rupees. I am also planning that today I will tell you my heart.

Fifteenth and last golgappa – I was heartbroken and had golgappa water in my mouth and tears in my face. A TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH | 2022

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