A Romantic School Love Story | Heart Touching Love Story 2022

A Romantic School Love Story | Heart Touching Love Story 2022 – Read my school love story | Some links of Raah-e-Mohabbat are such that they are understandable only after joining. There is no such person in this world who has not fallen in love with anyone.This is also Happened to me. And it must have happened to you also. Actually this was my first school love story.
I still remember the day when I got admission in that school in class 10th. I woke up early in the morning, after taking a bath, getting ready, went out for school. It was my first day in new school. I reached early sat in the class silently after Saraswati Vandana.

During the studies, new students were introduced to everyone in the class. Everyone sat down in their place after telling their name to Guruji, I also sat down saying my name as Vikash. Then the studies started. Guruji went away after teaching us according to his subject. I developed a deeper bond with my new friends, we used to come to school together to study and used to go home together after leaving school. Gradually time passed, everyone started concentrating in their studies. Then one day all the teachers together took our test according to each subject so that they could identify the most promising student inside the class, after taking the test, there were four such students inside our class who are the best in studies, one of which was also in Among these four students, there were two girls and we were two boys.

I had a lot of interest in studies at that time. I would get up early in the morning , get ready and go to school with my friends and after the holiday, return to my home with them, bring the work given by the teacher from my house and get them checked the next day, as time passed, all in their studies and got better. School Love Story.

It was a matter of one day when our English teacher had asked everyone to bring home work from home, the next day in the morning everyone had done their own work, among them I was the only one whose homework was not completed.


The love that happens in school life is always true. A Romantic School Love Story

A Romantic School Love Story

One by one, everyone was getting their Work checked by the English teacher. And I was sitting quietly watching him, after that the next number was mine, I was afraid that Guruji was angry with me for not completing my work and I would have to be scolded. I was telling my friends that my English homework is not complete.

After a while, Guru ji called me to check the work of English, I was about to say something that from the front a girl said with a voice that Sir Dev’s copy of English is on me, I took coffee from it to see its work.

Was asked And my work is not done. Seeing this thing of the girl, I was also amazed and started thinking why did she save me from the teacher’s attack by putting myself in trouble. He was scolded a lot by the English teacher.

That day after the holiday I wanted to ask her that why she did this to me so I stopped near the main gate of the school but she went home with her friends on the other way home that day. I Couldn’t sleep the whole night, there was only one thought in my mind, after all why did he save me from Guruji’s scolding The next day I woke up early in the morning and reached her way from where she used to come for school.

That day I left my friends and went alone to ask her this question, I waited for her there for a long time but she didn’t come, after waiting for her, I went from there to school, After Reaching In Class I dared to ask her friends . School Love Story

That why Manisha has not come to school today, then all the students in my class stare at me, Then I explained to them that nothing is like what you guys are thinking, she had given a copy of herself to Guru ji to save me yesterday, whereas mine English work was not complete I am only asking him to thank her.

Then no one answered, then after the holiday, a girl stopped me from behind and said that Manisha has gone to her maternal uncle’s village and will come after two days, this girl was the one who used to come to school with Manisha, I heard all this. Returning home with friends, I could not sleep that night too, I kept thinking all night why she did this to me after all, does she really love me.

I was thinking that a loved one can do this or else I had other friends who did not do all this, the next day I went to school and came home again. That day I had made a complete plan overnight that whatever way I want to talk to him tomorrow and ask him why he did all this for me, I got up early in the morning and got ready and reached the same path from where she used to come to school with her friends. School Love Story

I was standing there till then she was coming towards me for school with her friend, seeing me, leaving her friend Manisha alone, she went to school by the other way. Then I asked him about that day why he did all this. So she said that she loves me and she had overheard me to my friend about the completion of my work. At that time my heart was beating very loudly, both of us were talking on the way to school,

I also told all the things that happened in her absence and said that I too love him a lot we talk we reached school that was a very special day in my life.

both of us come together in school and go together after studies guruji gives the work which guruji gives in class to get done from home They bring it complete so that neither of them gets scolded again.

She now started talking to me on the phone even at night, we used to talk about studies till late night and then went to school and went out while asking everyone about studies, I would also have lunch with her and meet all friends in free time. Together he used to joke with her. The love of both of us was getting so deep that we used to go out together in the time we got after school.

She had so much faith in my love that now she started hugging and kissing me. With the passage of time, our examinations also started in which all of us together took the examination with all our heart, all the students passed with good marks after hard work. We were all in 12th class now. School Love Story

The love of both of us was the same as it was before, after studying in school every day, after going home, both of them share things and talk about love for hours, Soon our twelfth examinations started, As a result of which all the students got good marks but I got the highest marks in the whole class. all the teachers gave me a lot of love and kudos.

then we made a plan for the annual festival. All the teachers together informed all the students that they would be felicitated by getting ready early in the morning wearing the nice clothes of their choice the next day.   School Love Story

Me and Manisha both went to school wearing the same color clothes, all the teachers together honored the students who got good marks and gave a lot of love I also got love by all. Manisha’s father is also proud of me by saying this to me Blessed was given. that day Manisha also danced during the stage program. All returned to their respective homes after the annual festival. That night we talked lovingly about the program festival and revisited the time we spent with each other.
Slowly with time everything started changing. School Love Story

After passing 12th I went to the city for college, she also went to a nearby city for college. We do not talk as much on the phone as it used to be during school time. One day Manisha called me early in the morning and asked me to meet and I went to the village to meet her, then she told that her father had decided to marry her, she will now leave here,I persuaded her to continue his studies. she spent the whole time of that day with me, both of us shared all the things of our love with each other.

I returned to my house in the evening after talking to her, she also went to her house, then the next month she got married and sent to the city, I also went to the city to do my studies. Although we do not talk as much as before, but we love each other as before. The love that happens in school life is true. So this was my school love story. School Love Story.



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