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It was 6 years ago, there was a boy, he study away from his home. The boy had a dream that one day he would do such a thing that everyone would remember him. The boy wanted to make an identity of himself. He wanted to earn name along with money. He wanted to help the poor people.
One day, he got a friend request from a girl on Facebook. He accepted that girl’s request.

Then both started chatting on Facebook. At first the boy thought that it was not a girl but a boy. The boy said to the girl, ” I have a doubt on you!  I think you are a boy. if you’re a girl,  I want to listen your voice. you call me, after saying that girl was offline. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

Then one day suddenly girl call to boy and say that “recognize me”? boys say that “No” . who are you? girl say again I’m that girl you want to talk her. now boy recognize her and say, oh you are that girl. forgive me. I understand you a boy. girl say “No problem” | after that they chatting on Facebook. They talk each other some year. and they being love each other. the girl was different all people. she don’t talk any other  without her family and that boy. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

They love each other very much. But sometimes both of them fight. When the girl made a mistake, the boy would stop her and then the girl would start crying. Then the boy persuade her. boy always say to girl that “If you ever get in trouble because of me and if you get pleasure from being away from me, then you leave me and go away.” But the girl always say that I want to be with you. I will never leave you. Exactly 1 year has passed.

With the passage of time, the girl started changing. She started talking to others, started hiding things and kept telling lies. The boy did not like all this at all. The boy kept telling him, “Never lie to me because when someone tells a lie, it feels like a deception, so you should never lie. but girl was changed now, He didn’t care what the boy would think about him. The girl started talking to other boys.

The boys were afraid that no one would steal it from them because the boy loved the girl very much. They didn’t want to lose him. For him, the girl became more valuable than her own life. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

Gradually the girl started talking to him less. The girl’s family came to know about it. The girl’s phone call stopped. The boy could not even call her because the girl did not have her own phone, she used to talk to the boy from home phone. Suddenly the girl’s phone call stopped immediately. 2 months have passed. The boy was worrying a lot, so he called the girl even without wanting to. The girl’s mother picked up the phone. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING


The boy asked about the girl and told all the things about both of them and said, “You should get both of us married. I will make her very happy.” The girl’s mother said, “I cannot get her married to you. Don’t call after today. The girl used to call the boy very rarely now. One day the girl called and said, “You always want to see me happy don’t you and you used to say that you will do anything for my happiness?

The boy said, “I want your happiness. But why are you asking this?” So the girl said, “I don’t need you anymore. I don’t want to be with you. So leave me for my happiness. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

boy say “what happen” why you speak like this? If I have caused any fault then forgive me but don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. The girl does not agree. The boy then says, “Okay if you want to leave me then go, but take care and don’t talk to unknown people. But on the go, do one thing for me. Block me from Facebook because whenever I see you on Facebook, I will miss you a lot. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

boy asked again to girl, tell me any reason for live me . girl say, “I said no, I don’t need you”. If you really love me then leave me. Saying this the girl disconnects the phone. The girl also blocked him from Facebook. The boy got upset and started crying.

The boy left his studies and returned to his home. The boy has changed a lot. He didn’t talk to anyone well. Didn’t go anywhere. Slowly he got into a bad habit, he started taking drugs. Throughout the day he used to think that how the girl who loved him so much had left him. In this memory he kept dying moment by moment. VERY SAD HEART TOUCHING

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