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TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022 – I  study in an engineering college in Hyderabad, I was a good student in studies. It’s been a month since I got admission in college. I had very nice beautiful girls in my branch and the most beautiful of them was a girl named Divya.  I saw Divya for the first time in the Garden outside college. Divya was looking very beautiful and sexy. I was blown away after seeing Divya, her beauty.

She looked so different from the other girls. I started thinking in my mind that I wish this girl was from my class. it would have been nice. Then suddenly my eyes were on Divya, I followed Divya and went inside the college. Then I came to know that Divya sits in my own class, I was feeling very happy in my heart. As soon as I entered the class, Divya was sitting next to my own bench, I was delighted.  Then I called Divya as Hii. She also called me Hii, Divya started coming to college after a month. Then we both started talking, I asked today is your first day in college. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

Divya – “Yes” Today is my first day

Sahil – After so many days came to college.?

Divya – Yes I thought people would not have come to college now and class would not have started so I came late but you will help me.

Sahil – “What”

Divya – “About studies”

Sahil – Off course I will help you

Both of us kept talking in the class, then he started asking me what has been studied in the class. Whatever I had studied in the class, I said about all those topics and chapters. Meanwhile we both had a lot of conversations and within a few days we both became good friends. Then what happened after that is really interesting, both of us used to joke, have fun everyday. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

Divya used to ask for assignment notes from me and I used to give notes to her. And if some things were needed, then I used to help him. I used to ask him for pens, pencils and scales etc. to talk to him sometimes intentionally Due to which both of us became very good close friends in college, we used to live together in college. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

We used to live together most of the time in college, we used to spend most of the time together and had a lot of fun. Slowly we both came so close to each other that we could not live without each other. The day she did not come to college, I used to hear and hear a lot, would be restless.. then I would keep listening to the song of love story.. otherwise I used to read love story book. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

I fell in love with Divya a lot, I used to miss her Divya also used to miss me a lot. Now I started feeling restless, I used to remember him every moment, sometimes I could not sleep in his memory. Sometimes he used to wake up in sleep, and sometimes he used to sleep late at night in the imagination. Then I thought of proposing Divya. I was scared and nervous too.  There was a kind of fear inside me that if I do not think anything else, then the friendship will end. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

I fell in love with Divya so deeply that I cannot live without her. I used to love Divya so much then I decided that now something has to be done. Then decided to propose… I expressed love. Then the very next day I called Divya in the garden outside the college and proposed, I lovingly expressed my love ️ I made a straight position from the front and said  “I love you dear” . Divya cried after hearing this, I was thinking nothing wrong happened. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022


Divya cried with joy and said to me the beautiful moment for which I was eagerly waiting for moments. I didn’t know that moment would come with so much enthusiasm, I can’t imagine how much I love you. Because Divya also loved me very much but she did not express her feelings. We both were very happy that day, we both became one, this is the biggest happiness of our life. Then we started enjoying the good moments of life, we bunk from college sometimes. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

Bunk from college with Divya, sometimes used to watch movies, sometimes used to watch videos. It was a lot of fun to bunk in college, we used to go out of college and go for a walk, sometimes in the forest. Because there are many forests on the way to the college, most of the colleges in Hyderabad are outside the city. Sometimes they used to drink coconut water on the side of the road, sometimes Pani-Puri and sometimes corn was also available. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

We enjoyed the happiest moments of life, and had a lot of fun. We used to leave the house sometimes in the name of college, but did not go to college. Me and Divya used to go to friend’s room after planning, we both used to romance there. Because there is bondage in the house and there is no atmosphere on the side of the house. That’s why we sometimes went to friend’s room and stayed there till college time was over. I remember the day I kissed Divya for the first time in my friend’s room. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

In the unexplainable moments of that time, both were very excited, I placed my hand on Divya’s waist and slowly brought my hand up and then slowly holding my arms as if she would be my life partner forever. was about to We were feeling those moments of life as if a person would have been lucky to have paradise. So completely lost in the color of love and I could not stop myself And then opened Divya’s undergarment

a selection of jeans and inserted her hand inside the underwear and placed her hand in the vagina and slowly touched my finger up and down with excitement. this moment is like that for me. After this took out the underwear and slowly I tried to enter inside the vagina. When I tried to enter inside.. then Divya was in pain, it was no less difficult for me because I was also in pain.  TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

When I was entering inside, Divya was in a lot of pain, I did not know that Divya’s first time was able to enter after many attempts, then suddenly blood came out of Divya’s place. I felt that somewhere I was not coming out of my place.., then I checked mine here and there because I was also hurting because it was my first time, this blood was coming out of Divya’s and not from me. A lot happened between us that day. We used to sit together in college, I often used to play with Divya’s hair.

Kissed Divya somewhere in the college class room, when there was lunch or sometimes there was a sports class. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

I had intercourse with Divya many times, both of us had a very good sexual life. Divya and I sometimes used to bunk from college and go to the forest, but it was fun to bunk from college. The fun of romancing in the jungle is something different.  There’s an exhibition in Hyderabad in February where there’s a swing and a lot of different things. We used to call from home and meet at the exhibition. There we used to roam around a lot and used to swing and enjoy a lot. I can never forget this moment of my life, the moments I spent with Divya. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH -2022

Then the 4th year of both of us had passed, both of us were very happy in love and everything was going well.

Both of us were planning for marriage, both of us had promised each other. That we will live together for the rest of our life but before that engineering campus placement was done. We were thinking about good job so that we can lead a good happy life. Then suddenly Divya’s mother and father came to know about both of us?  Divya’s mother and father did not approve of this marriage, they wished that my daughter should marry in a good rich house. TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

I also talked to her parents that I will keep your daughter happy by doing a good job. But I did not have any job at that time, my college was completed, I was looking for a job. Divya also tried a lot to convince her parents but they did not listen to her. I loved Divya but could not find her. My love remained incomplete. Because because I belong to a poor family.

What happened to me which maybe even God did not approve of it, I do not want it to happen to anyone else like this. In the end I would like to say that.. if you love someone.. or love someone. So first know about each other well and then decide about life.  TRUE LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH 2022

























































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