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Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story 2022 – Hello Friends, My name is Kavya, I am from Bhopal, today I am sharing my true love story. My father is in the army, due to being in the army, I do not have any bondage in the house. My school is just a short distance away from home. I used to go to school from home, at that time I was in 12th class.

When I reached 12th class, then a boy named Mohit took admission in my class. The day he entered the class, that boy started staring at me from the very first day of class. I was a little beautiful in appearance, I was also noticing her, He used to see me every day I got worried why he looks at me. Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story

Finally I asked that boy why do you see me. Then he said you look good, you are very beautiful, I just want to see you. I have been following you When I came for the first time in the school. But you do not reply anything, I did not reply to him after hearing this. But I also felt good to hear this because for the first time a boy told me like this.

Then after two days we started talking each other and he talking me very well. after few months we make a good friend.

Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story 2022 –

Slowly-slowly our friendship changed in Love. I feel very bad without him

Now I also loves him. I’m not live without him. Mohit  also loves me. he care about me. Used to inquire about me and used to share everything with me. I also liked Mohit because Mohit  was a good boy, he also had good conversations! Then it was time for my birthday, then Mohit  proposed me by sing a song.

From the day I saw you for the first time, I became yours. But what did I know that you would imprison me in my heart💗 On that day I happily accepted this proposal, nothing less than a paradise. Because because this is the first time in my life that a boy proposed to me. Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story

I also wanted that I also have a boyfriend, I also want to enjoy life, it is my wish. After 15 days Mohit and I make a movie plan. Mohit booked two tickets And we went for the movie. There was a romantic movie in cinema that day, along with both of us , both of us become romantic. I remembered very well that day Mohit kiss me first time at the theater. Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story

I never forgot  these romantic time. I feel uncomfortable. While watching the movie romantic story Mohit was holding my hand, I was feeling very good. Then we meet next day in school. at the class time we mostly see each other. Then one day Mohit and I sex in bathroom. I was having a lot of fun, my voice was coming out of my mouth. Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story

I was not in control, Mohit had sex by putting his hand in my mouth, still I was not in control For the first time, I was really enjoying sex, it seemed that Mohit kept doing the same to me. I remember that day was Saturday I can never forget this moment which is the most romantic moment of life. Then after 24 days I called Mohit to my house, there was no one in my house that day, mother was not in the house that day.

Then Mohit come at my home. I took Mohit to the bedroom, I kissed him. Then we had sex for 5 hours, I had already put a condom, I had sex with Mohit with a lot of fun. Whether I remember any thing in life or not, I will always remember these moments.. the moment I spent with Mohit. me and Mohit are very happy in our life i will marry Mohit only in life.

I love Mohit very much and Mohit also loves me very much, we have enjoyed a lot in life. You should fulfill your happiness, desire and your desire in life, enjoy the good moments of life. May my love always be with me, this is my prayer to God, we will never be separated from each other. I love you Mohit. Cute Couples A Romantic Love Story

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