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A True Love Story Of A Young Boy And Girl | True Love Story 2022

A True Love story –

A boy and a girl talk on the phone. Girl – Oy, will you marry me or not ! Boy – No, never, not at all crazy likes you.Girl – hum… I had forgotten in ok too…. Who will marry a monkey. Boy – good darling…!! Well the marriage will happen to me only, look at you. Girl – hum…!

A True Love Story



The girl often used to get sad on the matter of marriage as the cast of both was different. But still she herself used to talk about marriage was made in love.Time passed Both of them talked about marriage in their house the boy’s family agreed. But the girls family not agree

Girl – Today we are talking for the last time.

Boy – but why?

Girl – Yes, I want to focus on my husband and my future|

Boy – hum, well no one [boy gets upset]

Girl – Take care of yourself.

Boy – hum. will keep it.

Girl – Man. why are you talking like this rudely?

Boy – Why are you doing it today when you can’t even talk? Don’t do. as I am let it be. I will live on my own condition.

Girl – you don’t know how much I love you too. But the family.

Boy – Oy mad, shut up don’t cry. Sorry I was so rude but you said that it will no matter, so it felt strange I am sorry.

Girl – hum.

Boy – Listen by the way, you stay happy take care move  in your life and don’t forget me. Won’t you forget me.

Girl – hum, but take care of yourself and yes you will always be in my heart bye.

Boy – Hmm. to give a lot of love to your husband.

Then after half an hour the girl’s sister tells her something. About the boy. Told that his family members have also agreed for this marriage. But the boy had forbidden the girl’s family to tell him anything about this because the boy wanted to surprise her . but the girl’s sister told him.

Girl calls boy crying.

Girl – Oy what have you understood yourself. Why did you do this ?

Boy – because you are my love.

Girl – Yes, will you do this? I am getting married and you are talking on the phone as if it is really our last talk.

A True Love story of A boy and A girl


Boy – how did my love  feel surprised. Will be married to me, happy no and yes giving love to husband means giving love to me.

Girl – yes a lot of love a lot of love.

Boy – Well there is another surprise.

Girl – what is it, don’t give it now.

Boy – no later

Girl – Just two surprises now.

Boy – Hey crazy. the secret is I will give that surprise on the wedding day.

Boy: Said a long time. It has been only 4 years from now, said it has been a long time

Girl: 4 years is not a lot of time?

Boy: No.. I felt as if it was just yesterday.

Girl: You haven’t changed at all.

Boy: I already said. Look today or 10 years worse when you have kids, I will still be here.

A True Love story of A boy and A girl

Girl : Okay

Boy: How many times have I felt like saying well, don’t say husband’s feeling.

Boy: Well then what are you talking about? When did I grow up like that?

How many things happened. and what happened, I can’t remember

It is remembered that on that day we were talking about 5 o’clock, yet the matter was not over

No matter how far the distance of some relations may be, but in life we ​​have compassion

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