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A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

A true love story of a poor boy Romantic couple love – Raj was born in an orphanage, he grew up in an orphanage since birth and still lived in an orphanage. From his childhood, a beautiful girl named Nisha  lived with him, that orphanage was built a little far from Delhi, this orphanage was the largest ashram in Delhi.

Poor Boy Love Story

Raj and Nisha living there used to do all kinds of work in the orphanage and also to do the work of teaching all the children living there. Raj and Nisha were living their life very happily, tell you that both of them They used to live like true friends of each other but they were in love. because they both could not live even a moment without seeing each other. In that ashram, Ankit, a boy from a rich family who gave donations, used to come there sometimes, he was a good friend of Raj, he was such a dear friend of Raj. A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

Similarly, many days passed, in the same year the Nisha’s birthday was about to come, so Ankit planned to celebrate the Nisha’s birthday with Raj in the orphanage, after which both of them together made all the preparations for the Nisha’s birthday.

After making all the preparations, Ankit told Raj to listen to my talk. If you have to help me, then what did Raj tell my friend, what kind of situation has come that is teaching you to take help of poor like us?

Very sad love story in English

So then Ankit was silent for a while. Then Ankit says in a little low voice that I love Nisha very much, man and I want to propose Nisha on her birthday  and now tell me what and how to propose I should accept the Nisha because you know It is better that she will stay in this ashram, if she stays in big houses like our palace, then her life will also good.

As soon as the river started flowing from Raj’s eyes, he started hiding tears from Ankit, but Ankit said what happened Ankit, my friend, your eyes in tears?

So Raj changed the matter fast and said that nothing, I was thinking about the Nisha. That man, how happy will she really be by marrying you, she has got all the happiness of life.  A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

And then Raj’s Ankit said that man, you just do so much work for me that there should not be any shortage in the occasion of her  birthday. Raj says yes.. ok, man Ankit said that when the Nisha is happy with the happiness of her birthday, I will propose Nisha.

So Raj, explaining his heart, told Ankit that Ankit, don’t worry, I will prepare for the birthday in such a way that the Nisha will be happy.

Then raj, after all preparations for that birthday. told Ankit, I have done all preparations of birthday. I have to go for some work, I will came after some time.  A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

Then Ankit tells Raj, man it is 7 o’clock. where are you going now. Now what I should here alone, Then Raj said, man, he just stopped for half an hour and just came, you go there with the Nisha, where we have kept the program of the birthday party, you will surprise the Nisha, it will be so late

In the meantime, he also thinks that it is okay, Nisha’s relationship is happening in such a rich house, what will be a great joy than this.

A call comes on Raj’s mobile, then Raj, wiping the tears from his eyes, reaches Ankit running at a high speed, then Ankit says there you do one thing, you bring the Nisha to the birthday party room. all will wait for the Nisha there

Nisha runs and hugs Raj’s chest and says thanks while crying and also says that Raj is very happy with you today, seeing both of them, Ankit feels very bad but he does not say anything but then Raj says You know that Ankit has done all the preparations for your birthday, not me.

Hearing this, the Nisha felt very strange, when Ankit held the hand of the Nisha and said happy birthday, then the Nisha also replied in thanks, then holding the hand of then Nisha, Ankit takes the Nisha to the cake and asks her to cut the cake.  A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

A true love story of a poor boy- 


If I have anyone in this world, it is Raj, whether he is my friend or everything because we have grown up together since childhood, then Ankit gets angry with Nisha but still talks about his heart I love you. A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

But Nisha understands Raj’s tears and Raj starts going out of that room as soon as he starts leaving, Nisha grabs Raj’s hand from behind and says Raj how long will you keep hiding your tears from this. Why don’t you love me

Then suddenly Ankit angrily starts laughing from behind the Nisha and starts telling her. And tells the Nisha that you will regret for the rest of your life after marrying Raj, your whole life will go out in this orphanage, what does he have, he is living on the pieces that people like us throw.

Nisha feels very bad after hearing this talk of Ankit and in anger slaps Ankit fiercely and Nisha said how dare you say bad to my Raj and I am incomplete without Raj if I will get married. I will marry Raj only if I am not married to Raj, I will never marry
After saying so much, the Nisha takes Raj out of the room at that birthday party and sits on top of the stairs of the house built near the big ruined house near the orphanage and says, wiping the tears from Raj’s eyes.  A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

Raj forgive me today because of me you have to suffer a lot, if I was not in your life then you would not have read so much, then the Nisha paused and said..

Don’t you love me Raj, then Raj stuck saying no no Nisha, if I have loved you the most in this world, then only you have done this, a happy smile comes on both of their faces and Raj suddenly smiles. She kissed the trembling lips of the Nisha, after which the Nisha also clung to Raj, in the same way both the lovers met each other.  A true love story of a poor boy in English-2022

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