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School Love Story in English | Romantic Love Life Story – 2022

School Love Story in English | Romantic Love Life Story – How good school days used to be, fun with friends, waiting for each other on vacation and going home having fun while on the way home, really miss those days.

I had a friend, whose name was Rahul. Rahul was very smart in studies. He was a poor boy , was also handsome to look at, he liked to keep studying all the times. And the school teachers were also very happy to see Rahul  studying.

He was the topper of our school. Rahul was the only child of his parents and he loved Rahul very much.  School Love Story in English

A True Love Story


School Love Story in English –

Rahul was the prettiest boy in our school. All the girls in the class were crazy about him. Rahul’s  eyes attracted everyone to himself. Rahul was a very nice boy. Everyone loves him.

It is about the time when we used to study in the 11th story. When the school opened after the summer vacations, we all started going to school and on the very first day Rahul meet with a beautiful girl who came to the school. That girl calls Rahul very good and bad but Rahul kept looking at her and smiling.

She was so beautiful, it was as if some angel had come down on the ground. Neha had only one drawback, she was a very lovely.

Rahul always focused on Neha in class and kept waiting for Neha at the gate even during the holidays. Neha was not even aware that Rahul liked her.

One day when Rahul’s friends forced him to go and propose Neha. So Rahul also gathered a lot of courage and stood in front of Neha, and proposed friendship in front of her, but Neha said very angrily that I hate middle class boys like you and after saying this she left from there.

Rahul was completely broken, he started keeping quiet, neither had fun with friends, nor did he see Neha anymore. Just kept crying inside, one day in the evening when Rahul had gone to the shop near him to get some household items, there was a woman there too.

She was looking very tired. And as soon as she started going to her house, suddenly she felt dizzy and she fell on the ground. School Love Story in English

School Love Story in English –

Rahul  called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. As the woman came to her senses , she told Rahul, son, my family members are getting worried, call them and tell them that I’m here.

Rahul took the house number from that woman and called up a girl who was none other than Neha and that woman was Neha’s mother.

Neha had reached the hospital with her family. As soon as she goes to her mother, she is surprised to see Rahul standing nearby and Neha’s mother tells Neha that if it was not for this boy today, I might not have been with you.

Neha cries after hearing this from her mother. Rahul salutes Neha’s parents and returns home.

On the second day when Rahul reaches the school. So Neha is waiting for him at the gate of school. As soon as Rahul reaches near her. She holds Rahul’s hand and takes him out of school with her and apologizes to him. School Love Story in English

Rahul forgives her for his mistake of that day. Today Neha proposed to her and Rahul hugs her saying yes, and both of them go to school holding each other’s hands.

Moral:- When you love someone with a true heart without any greed, then God also definitely supports you. School Love Story in English

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Love story in English | love Story In English for Reading


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