A True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple | Love Story 2022

A True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple – This love story is from those days when Ashish and Shikha used to study together in the same school. Both had the same village. Ashish and Shikha used to go to school by bicycle. Knowing each other well so they became best friends. Due to their living together, their friendship gradually turned into love. Ashish and Shikha loved each other very much.

Along with studying, both used to meet each other in secret. Nothing was unknown between them as their childhood friendship suddenly turned into love. Along with her studies, Shikha’s age was also increasing. Shikha’s father keeps looking for a good relationship for his daughter. The two lovers were not aware of this at all. Ashish and Shikha wanted to marry each other after the completion of their studies.

But something else was written in the fate of both of them. Slowly many days passed, one day Shikha’s father reached home with some people with him. Everyone sat down on the chairs. After a while, Shikha’s mother arrived with water and came back after saying “Namaste”. After talking for about an hour or two, everyone got up and left. While having dinner in the evening, Shikha came to know that her marriage has been fixed.

True Love Lasts Forever No Matter How Mythical It May Be.

True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple
True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

Shikha felt very bad after hearing this, but could not say anything in front of her father. She gets up from there and goes inside her room and starts crying. After a while Shikha’s mother reaches there. Then Shikha tells her mother that I don’t want to get married yet, while my father has fixed my marriage without asking me. I will not do this marriage at all. After saying this, She started crying loudly. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple


A True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple | Love Story 2022

The next morning, Shikha’s mother told everything to her husband. At that time Shikha was also present there, but her father did not listen to a single thing. Shikha became very worried about the matter of marriage and had stopped going to school. Ashish had no knowledge of any kind about this. After this Shikha tried hard to convince her mother but she was not ready to accept. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

Shikha gradually stopped meeting Ashish. One day Ashish called Shikha on tubewell to meet him but she did not go to meet him. Ashish waited for him for a long time but as it was evening, he went back home. He was very sad due to Shikha not coming to meet him and then he tried to know about Shikha’s problem, but Ashish did not get any information of any kind. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

One day when Ashish saw the opportunity that there is no one except Shikha at his house. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, he went straight to Shikha’s house. Shikha was sitting inside her room. Then Ashish reaches there and tries to know the problem with him. Ashish asked – why do not you want to meet me, after all what is wrong with me and why are you doing all this? While you loved me so much.

Shikha starts crying after hearing Ashish’s words. Ashish could not understand anything as to what had happened to him. After trying for a long time, Shikha tells all the things about her marriage. After hearing about the marriage, Ashish becomes very sad. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

Shikha said – I do not want to marry anyone other than you at all, but my father is not ready to accept the love of both of us.
Then Ashish said – I will talk to your father, maybe some way will come out. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple
Feeling sad, Shikha said – it is okay to talk.
After saying this, Ashish leaves for his house from there. In the morning, both of them leave for school. Shikha and Ashish both start meeting each other again. Here slowly the date of Shikha’s wedding was getting closer. Shikha was getting very upset. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

One day Ashish gathers courage and reaches Shikha’s father and tells everything about their love. But Shikha’s father was not ready to accept anything. Shikha’s father told Ashish – I have fixed Shikha’s marriage with my friend’s son and no changes can be made in it.

Again Shikha’s father said – You please forget Shikha and do your study well so that you can get a gentle and beautiful girl. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

After hearing this, Ashish angrily leaves from there and tells all the things to his mother. Then Sachin’s mother said – We have liked a girl for you, maybe you will like it too. Have a look at that girl’s photo once. I put it in your cupboard,

Ashish said – I do not want to marry anyone other than Shikha. I love only Shikha and want to marry her only.
Then Ashish’s mother said – once you must see the photo of that girl, maybe more beautiful than your Shikha. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

Ashish quietly goes inside his room and opens the cupboard and starts looking at the photo of that girl, but before seeing someone’s call, he keeps that photo there and comes back. The worries of both were increasing as to what to do. Shikha and Ashish came up with the idea of ​​getting married. Ashish got the marriage papers ready without informing anyone. After everything is ready, the lawyer tells Ashish two days in advance.

After meeting in the morning, Ashish and Shikha decided to leave the house at night. Both reached their homes and started preparing their bags. When Ashish was taking out his clothes by opening the cupboard, suddenly his eyes fell on that photo. When he starts looking at that photo, his eyes remain torn because that photo was of Shikha.
Ashish takes out the mobile from his pocket and calls Shikha, True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

During the call, he tells all the things that our family members were talking about getting both of us married. Shikha could not believe that the boy she had chosen for her marriage was Ashish. Shikha was getting very happy hearing this, Ashish was also feeling lucky. Early in the morning, Ashish tells his mother that I am ready to marry the girl in that photo. Even the family members of Ashish and shikha did not know that both of them already love each other. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

Now Ashish and Shikha did not have any fear related to their love. After a few days, both of them are married. Today Ashish and Shikha are very happy because each other had found their childhood love. After the completion of schooling, Sachin and Renuka join the college together and are completing their studies by living together as husband and wife. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple

After there marriage they told there parents about there childhood love after knowing this there parents were shocked. but at least everybody was happy that ashish and shikha’s this love journey was successfull. True Love Story Of A Lovely Couple


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