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My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

A girl gets married without her will to a simple boy who had no one other than his mother in the boy’s house. The boy also got a lot of goods and Some money.
But the girl used to love some other boy very much, now the girl had got married without her consent and now she had come to her in-laws’ house, only then at the time of honeymoon, the boy comes to the room with milk.

And he sits near his wife. Then his wife angrily says to her husband, can you leave me alone – Her husband is very sad to hear this.

He says, but still he is not happy that you should relax, I only brought milk for you, saying that he goes out of the room, the girl remains only after beating her heart.

Because the girl wanted that why did she not Fight, so that she could get divorced from that boy, now the girl had been in the in-laws’ house for three or four days. But she to talk to her boyfriend on the phone all day.

And on the other hand, the boy’s mother used to do all the household chores throughout the day without complaining and also used to cook food for everyone herself, yet her mother always had a smile on her face.

The boy used to do a small job in a company, he was very honest and hardworking. He went to his work in the “morning” and would come to the house tired “in the evening” but his wife did not even ask him a glass of water. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

Now the boy and the girl had been married for about a month, but till now both of them had never slept together, although the boy was very calm, so he did not say anything to his wife.

My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022 


Still, he used to put his own food for his wife, but his wife never used to eat food while sitting with them She used to eat her food sitting separately in her room.

The girl had also got a Scooty in dowry, as soon as the boy left for his work, only after half an hour, the girl also took her scooty and went to meet her boyfriend.

And before the boy’s arrival, she used to come back to her in-laws’ house, one day the boy had a work holiday and he was at home, so the girl would have thrown out the food by telling her mother-in-law to eat even good food as dirty.

Seeing all this the boy gets very angry and he raises his hand on his wife in anger but his mother still scolds her son.

Here the girl needed an excuse for the quarrel, which she got, only then she takes her scooty without saying and goes to her boyfriend and goes to her boyfriend and says. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

That now even for a moment I do not stay in that house, today that idiot did not do well by raising his hand on me, then his boyfriend says hey, since when do I tell you that you run away with me somewhere far away but you are that today, today, tomorrow If you are engaged, then the girl says that I came to you on the wedding day.

So you only brought me back home till my boyfriend told me how far will we both run empty handed, you tell me, I told you to take some money and jewelry with you and you came to me empty handed after all Do you need money to start life in a new place? And yes one more thing that whenever I come to you and want to touch you, then only then you get tantrums and just keep saying that this love will happen only after love marriage.

Then the girl gets angry and says. Yes, all this is good only after marriage and I am only yours, I am still a virgin girl, and even after getting married, I have not slept even a night with that coward because I have truly loved you. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

And now I want you to marry me and fill the vermilion with your hand in my demand, then I will be completely yours and then you can love me day and night as per your wish, then her boyfriend says then it is okay

I will marry you but you should arrange at least “five lakh rupees” by tomorrow evening I am giving you the address of a hotel. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

You reach that hotel by 10 o’clock in the night, the girl would say, where would that idiot have the money, but my father gave him three lakh rupees in dowry and some gold ornaments – I have the Jewellery. But all the money has been locked by that goon in the cupboard.

But as soon as I take the key of that cupboard, after taking out all the money, I will come to you forever, saying that the girl reaches her in-laws’ house.

The girl reaches her in-laws’ house and fights with her husband and mother-in-law, and she shouts at them.

But alas, she keeps crying all alone, her husband and her mother-in-law remain absolutely calm.
Then the girl goes to her room and suddenly a message from her boyfriend comes on the girl’s phone that when she is coming, the girl answers the message with money.

Have patience, I will come on time, only then her husband knocks on the door and tells his wife to have food, only then the wife says that I will eat food only then first give me the key of this cupboard.

The husband gives the key from under the door and says take this key and do your work and eat food because till now I and mother have not eaten food. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

The girl says mother and you eat food, I have come after eating food from outside, after hearing this the boy goes away, then the girl quickly picks up the key and opens the cupboard, what does she see in it by opening the cupboard.

That he had kept all the three lakhs of dowry money and all the ornaments in it, but a “diary” was also kept in it, when she opened it and read it, she used to write in it. Dear wife, me and your father know that you are deeply in love with some other boy,

but your father has found out that the person you love has been married once before, and that boy has been cheating on many girls. Have given
But your father can’t tell you anything about that boy because he knew that this love is the destroyer of love, he always makes his people non and his own. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

That’s why your father said with folded hands in front of me that always take care of my daughter after hearing the story of a daughter from a father’s mouth, tears came to my eyes and I was convinced. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

Whether I get the honor of being a good husband or not, I can always have the honor of being a son-in-law and I have kept all the money I got in dowry and gold ornaments in your cupboard. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

Because I had hated the name of dowry because of this dowry I had lost my sister and father and my father’s last words were that never take a single rupee dowry from the father of a daughter. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022
And it was also written in that diary that you are free from me and you can go wherever you go. In the middle of the diary are the divorce papers where I have already signed.

Even without wanting, the words of her estranged husband had touched her heart. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

It was further written in the diary that I killed you because you abused the mother and the son who bears his mother’s humiliation in front of himself, then how can that son forgive me because for me the status of mother is the biggest and you I have brought myself as a bride to be my companion.

Don’t force me, you may not fall in love with me but I will continue to love you only till the end. Now the decision is in your hands. Now the girl had become a bride and tears were flowing from her eyes. Suddenly a call comes from the girl’s boyfriend. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

Then in anger, the girl switches off her phone and breaks the SIM card of the phone, now she understood that the one whom she loved very much, she was only in love with money – and my husband was the only true lover.

The one who married me only to keep my father’s respect _ and she loved me so much even after knowing that I have a boyfriend, she kept crying thinking about why I could not understand my husband’s love. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

Then she cried, keeping all the wardrobe items as they were, not knowing when she slept the next day her wife woke up late in the morning, till then her husband had gone to the office, then after taking a bath, she wore a sari.

Then she applied vermilion in her demand, whereas earlier she used to apply vermilion on the side like a Bindi, so that no boy would pay attention and no one would know that she is a married person. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

But today, she had applied such a long and thick vermilion that could be seen from even 10 kilometers, then she put on her Mangalsutra and went to the kitchen and forcefully sends her mother-in-law to rest in the room. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022 

And she alone cooks everyone’s food, first the mother-in-law feeds the mother and then calls her husband and asks for the address of his office. But where did he know?

That she has now improved and has accepted him as her husband, only then his wife was being asked to take a scooty.

wife clings to her husband’s chest in front of everyone and tells him that everything is fine but I have something to say to you. Husband says say yes then wife says in front of everyone.

I love you my dear husband

I Love You Forever..

Hearing this, all the people of the office stand surprised and start clapping loudly, then the wife holds her husband’s hand in front of everyone and says that now my husband will not be seen in the office for a month, all the people of the office ask. Why_?? Then the boy’s wife says because both of us are going on a long vacation. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022

The husband tells the wife what happened to you, then the wife tells the husband. I have fallen in true love with you.. Saying this, she wraps herself around his chest in such a way that she can never be separated from her lost husband. Then her husband also becomes very happy and then both of them go to their home and happily. live your life and be happy always. My Dream Love- A True love Story-2022



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