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Very sad love story in English-2022

Very sad love story in English-2022

My name is Lokesh  and I fell in love only at the age of 17, maybe that was my last love too.

This story is from when I was in class 12th. I did not know anything about love, nor we were interested in it. All my friends had girlfriends and some of them to make fun of me too.

But I used to ignore there words, because I  think all these things are as time pass. Very sad love story in English-2022

They say that the above has made someone or the other for everyone, maybe he had sent someone for me too.

The time passed and after passing 12 I came to Delhi for my studies.

Today was my first class. so I was very happy about my class, because there you will get to learn new things.

Thinking about all these things in my mind, I was smiling in my mind, then I Touch with a beautiful girl coming from the front. All the books fell from her hands, forgetting everything and watching only her.

Her eyes and her voice were so captivating that I just got lost in it. Then he said hello – where is your mind, pick up my book. Very sad love story in English-2022

I said  “Sorry”

After that she went to class, at that time for the first time something started feeling in my heart for that girl. I kept thinking about her whole day in my class. After the class, I was restless to meet the girl. Very sad love story in English-2022

Then she was coming from in front of me talking with her friends, I thought of talking to her but could not do it.

I had given my heart to that girl.

It is a matter of one day that I was on my way to college from my home that my eyes fell on that girl. I ran to her and I called her “Hiii ” then we both talked for some time and both of us went to our class. Very sad love story in English-2022

After somedays our friendship turned into love.

When both of us were going home from college, it started raining in the middle of the way, there was no house in front, so both of us went under a big tree. Slowly the rain got heavy, to avoid this, she came to me, both of us were standing very close to each other, the breath would be hot. Very sad love story in English-2022

I was about to kiss her when she got scared and she went away from me

Very sad love story in English-2022

It had been 2 years of our relationship. I asked her why should we not get married next year, she will tell about you at my house in a bid, the boy happily goes to his house. Very sad love story in English-2022

On the other hand, listening to the words of the girl, she tells her that you will stay away from that boy, the girl says that I cannot live without him. But his family doesn’t listen to him.

They take the girl’s phone and do stop going to her college, the boy tries her phone but the phone will switch off. After 2 days, the boy got nervous and went to her house. Very sad love story in English-2022

On asking the girl’s mother, she says that she has gone to her grandmother’s house. The truth was that the girl was still at home.

The boy goes home crying, thinking about her all day. After the passage of time, the girl’s family members marry her.

Then a year later, she writes a letter to the boy, in which she tells him all the things that happened to her, but by then it was too late. The boy starts crying.

“Says – I do not want to live without you”

As soon as he says this, and  he falls down there. Very sad love story in English-2022

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