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Love Story Of A Policeman – Hello Friends ! Welcome, Today I am Going to tell you a unique love story. It is about that time i was selected in recruitment of police constable. My first posting was in Ajmer and i was doing my duty well. I was living there in a room on rent, Daily I was got up early in the morning and goes to running.

With me many friends who were my neighbors also came for running we do exercises with each other and used to talk a lot after that goes to everyone went to their respective jobs. This was our daily routine. Love Story Of A Policeman

Love Story Of A Policeman

Love Story Of A PoliceMan
Love Story Of A PoliceMan


One day We were walking in a park there were my two friends also with me then I saw A very beautiful girl sat there and continuous looking at me. I ignored her but she was continuous looking at me. Then I told my friends that the girl is looking at me for a long time. They said- Brother their is something in the girl’s mind for you. Love Story Of A Policeman

I thought what can be the reason, After that i went on my duty. Next day We again went to the park same girl was walking there on the platform we also start walking on the platform we have reached behind the girl and then she was looking back to me again and again i again notified that she was looking only at me I again told my friends that she was looking at me. My friends said- Brother the matter is serious. At least I decided to ask her that why she was looking at me like this.

After some time she sat on a chair and I went near her and sat on the same chair she was noticing me, I said- Hello.

She Replied- Hello, Mr. Ajeet Gurjar how do you do.

I surprised ! I asked- How do you know my name ?

She replied- I also know that you are a policeman and your duty is at the Ajmer police station. I was totally surprised !

Then she replied- Actually once i was coming from my collage in a auto rickshaw and on a signal some miscreants were beating an old man and snatching money from him. Nobody was going to save him then suddenly you came their in your police uniform and start beating them and saved the old man. The Old man was very happy when you save him and his money also. You returned his money back and sent him to his house in a rickshaw.

Love Story Of A Policeman

Love Story Of A PoliceMan
Love Story Of A PoliceMan

Since than i have fallen in love with you. Then suddenly one day i saw you in our area, I thought you came here for some work but again many times i saw you nearby my house which is on the 300 meters distance from here. Then one day i went behind you and saw that you also lives in our colony.

After that I was very happy, I used to see you every day even when you used to comehere for walk in the park. I used to see you like this often but yesterday suddenly your eyes fell on me.  Love Story Of A Policeman

I was just surprised after listen this by her. I asked her- So why didn’t you express your love to me ?

She said- I was afraid that you might not accept my love.

Then I Told her that she is also very beautiful and I am ready to live the whole life with her, Then she jumped with joy and hugged me tightly. Then I asked What is  your Name, She Replied- Komal Choudhary. Then we exchanged our mobile numbers and went our homes. After that day we would meet everyday and used to talk on the phone all day. We both started doing love very much to each other. Slowly time passes and komal’s love to me was increasing day by day we also goes for long drives and funfairs. Love Story Of A Policeman

After many months one day suddenly Komal Calls me- I received the call then komal was crying loudly. I was shocked, I asked her- what happened but she was continues crying loudly. After some time, she told me that her father had an accident. I was shocked, I asked her how this was happened she told that on his way home from office, his car collided with a truck.  Love Story Of A Policeman

Love Story Of A Policeman

Love Story Of A PoliceMan
Love Story Of A PoliceMan



I asked her- Where did the accident happen ? She replied- At Mahaveer Circle. I asked her again whether he was taken to the hospital or not ?

She Replied- Yes ! He has taken to the city hospital. then immediately I reached to the city hospital and their I met Komal and her other family members, Komal and her mother was crying I told them to stop crying and went into hospital. Their I met Doctor Shukla which was my best friend in that hospital.

I told him all the matter and asked him to help. Then Doctor Shukla went to the komal’s father’s ward and Look after him. After Some time he came out from the ward and told me don’t worry now he is alright. Komal and his mother was also there they both breathed a sigh of relief. Komal’s mother gave thanks to me a lot. I Replied to her-  No need to give thank to me aunty it was my duty.  Love Story Of A Policeman

Then after about 5-6 Days Komal’s father discharged from the hospital. Then Komal and her mother told him that how I helped them when he was in hospital. He asked to komal more things about me, one day Komal called me and told that her father invited me at her house for dinner. Listening this I was very glad. That Evening I got ready very well and reached Komal’s House, They welcome me. I met him and said- “Uncle Ji Namaste”

He said- Welcome Mr.Policeman. I heard that you helped us when I was in Hospital then I replied- No uncle that was my duty.

Then he asked Komal’s mother to bring the food than we started to take the dinner. After taking the dinner we went into a room. Love Story Of A Policeman

Then Komal’s father said – look son, I comes straight on the topic, I know that You and Komal Likes each other very much and I want to marry komal with you. After listening I was very glad and Komal was also surprised. She Looked at me and I looked at her. We were very happy. Next Day I informed my family members the whole matter and call them to Ajmer. After 10 days me and Komal Got engaged and after 6 months of that we got married.

Now I am posted in Jaipur and Komal also lives with me. We both are very happy with each other.  Love Story Of A Policeman

So this was the love story of a Policeman, I you hope like this. Thanks For Reading.

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