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Radhika was a poor girl. her father do work at a cloths shop. And her mother do some work other house like a made. Radhika was only one daughter of her parents. her parents love her very much. They wanted Radhika to become a reach women by reading and writing.

When Radhika passed 10th class, after that her parents was very happy. she got his name written in an inter college in the town. Inter College was a short distance away from her house. That’s why her parents somehow managed to juggle money and also got her an old cycle, so that Radhika would not have trouble going to school.

When Radhika was going by a cycle she seemed that she flying in sky. it was a old dream of her. that complete by her parents. so she reached  school at the  time and do study by concentrate.

But one day there was a new turn in Radhika’s life. It was the afternoon time. After leaving school, she took her cycle and started towards home. But she had just reached a short distance that a bike coming from behind passed by her side. The boy who was driving the bike was her age. The boy stooped his bike after going a little further and stooped the girl. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

Radhika was seen him many times there. when she come school and go to home he was seeing her. In the beginning Radhika was very angry. but after some time she likes him.

Radhika got feared of being stopped on the way like this. At first she felt that she should move her cycle forward, but then thinking of not knowing what, he applied the brakes in her cycle. The boy came to Radhika and said softly – “My name is Sam. Every day I see you going to school. If you don’t mind, I want to tell you something.

“what”? only that’s word come out of Radhika’s mouth. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022


Love is Blind Message. Recycled paper note pinned on cork board. Concept Image

Sam took out a flower of  rose and give it in her hand and closing her fist said – “I love you. I just think about you all time. I don’t like anything…”

Sam want to say something more. but Radhika put her hands on his lips and silenced him.

“So you have accepted my love?” The boy asked, looking into Radhika’s eyes.

Radhika went. She quietly nodded her neck in “yes” and sat on her bicycle and went to her house, riding her fast pedals.

Then Radhika and Sam started talking. Sam was take a gift daily for her. And vows to live and die for her. Hearing his words, Radhika would become addicted and get lost in the world of dreams.

One day Sam requested to Radhika to go somewhere . first all of she say “no”. but after some time she was ready to go with him.

Radhika was very happy that day. She reached the place on time, where Sam had asked to meet her. Sam parked Radhika’s cycle at a friend’s shop and left Radhika sitting on the bike.

Sam reached near a river with Radhika. there stand his bike and both of talking each other in sit grass. after some time he come near Radhika and playing with her face. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

Slowly an umbrella went on Radhika. Maybe she didn’t understand Sam’s mind. So he surrendered himself to Sam. Both the people got lost in each other’s love and two bodies became one life.

Right now both of those people were not able to become normal properly, that’s why they did not know from where the three boys came there. Seeing them, Radhika was stunned and quickly started correcting her clothes. Seeing this, a boy grabbed her hand and dragged her and said, “What is the hurry, queen, we are also crazy about you.” Entertain us a little too.

Radhika looked at Sam with an indignant look. But instead of helping Radhika , he was laughing. Seeing this, Radhika’s heart cried out. That is, all this was a deliberate move of Sam? BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022


Radhika could not think anything further. Because those three boys had broken on him like hungry wolves. Radhika kept screaming for help and they kept nagging her. Within moments, Radhika’s stamina responded and she fainted. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

After about an hour, Radhika regained consciousness. Those three boys and Sam had left from there. Every vein in his body was bursting because of the pain. There was darkness before his eyes. All his dreams had been shattered, he seemed to be ending his life. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

Radhika thinking why I believe on Sam? why I come here with him so far from my house? Now with what face will I go to my house? What would I tell my parents? Seeing this condition of mine, they will die alive. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

There was absolutely no energy left in Radhika’s body. She somehow reached the bank of the swaying river. The water of the river was flowing fast every now and then. Radhika once again thought of her poor parents! But at the same time Sam’s face also floated before her eyes. And with this her body trembled with a mixture of anger, annoyance and disgust.  BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

Radhika gritted her teeth, gathered the joyful strength of her body and stood up slowly. He closed his eyes, apologized to his parents with folded hands and then jumped into the river. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

The very next moment Radhika started drowning in the river. But now she was neither calling anyone to save her life nor was she struggling to survive. Her mind was still thinking about her unfaithful lover. She was thinking that why did I put so much pressure on her words, why I loved her blindly, why I could not understand her intention? If I could do that, maybe. And then she went on drowning in the depth of the river. BLIND LOVE – A TRUE LOVE STORY – 2022

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