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It was the first day of college. There were new faces in front of everyone. Everyone was busy making their identity with these new faces. Everyone was introducing themselves to each other. That’s when our first class of the first day of college started. Mam made this series of introductions going on before the class easier. As soon as he came, he first asked everyone to give his introduction in front of everyone. All the students were telling about themselves one by one, that’s when Renuka started talking about herself.

Started saying, as if sitting in the same class, Ravi’s eyes were fixed on him only. Ravi started listening to Renuka’s introduction very carefully and also gave her a glimpse. Even after Renuka sat down, now Ravi’s eyes were only fixed on Renuka.

On the second day of college, as soon as Ravi came to the college, his eyes were just looking for Renuka. Ravi tried a lot to talk to Renuka in any way, on any pretext, but he could not get this opportunity. This cycle continued for many days.

Then one day a group was formed for an assignment in the college, in which the names of Renuka and Ravi were in the same group. Hearing this, Ravi became very happy. After all, now he got a chance to befriend Renuka and he did not want to waste this opportunity under any circumstances. And the same thing happened, while making an assignment, a conversation started between Renuka and Ravi and then soon they became friends. COLLEGE SAD LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH – 2022

Over time, now Renuka and Ravi had become very good friends. But Renuka and Ravi’s friendship gradually started growing a bit more. Then one day seeing the opportunity, Ravi proposed Renuka . Renuka also could not refuse Ravi , because somewhere in her heart too, there was a feeling of love for Ravi.


Now both had become friends as well as lovers. Therefore, even after college, both of them continued to meet. Now the entire class also came to know about Renuka and Ravi’s love story. Ravi would always give expensive gifts to Renuka and Renuka would also help Ravi in making the project. Everyone says that Renuka and Ravi are made for each other, that is, they are the perfect couple. COLLEGE SAD LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH – 2022

Renuka also always asked Ravi for  marriage, so Ravi always assures Renuka that now he can not live her. for three years, the relationship between both of them went very well. but after college, the meeting of Renuka and Ravi has become very less Ravi does not talk to Renuka properly even after calling her, he says that he is concentrating on his father’s business.

however, Renuka had told everything about Ravi in her house as well. COLLEGE SAD LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH – 2022

That’s why her family member’s also started pressurizing her to marry Ravi but now Renuka was not able to give any answer even to her family members.

Then one day Renuka reached Ravi’s father’s restaurant , Ravi was not there at this time  so Renuka told Ravi’s father that she was Ravi’s friend and was passing throw here, so she came here.

Then I somehow got to know his name and quickly.

Ravi’s father made Renuka sit and asked the waiter to bring some food and drink. both of them sat down and started talking when Ravi’s father said “son you are came here on Ravi’s wedding

Hearing this, it was as if Renuka could not believe  her eyes. COLLEGE SAD LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH – 2022


when he asked again, he say that ” yes Ravi’s wedding is next month and he is busy for preparing for the wedding. very happy he is finally getting to  married to a girl of his choice. both know each other since school time.

Hearing this, Renuka become absolutely speechless and left from there. after coming home Renuka went straight to her room and locked  herself  in the room. and cried for  hours. When Renuka told her mother and father about this, she some how explained to Renuka that now you should move forward in your life and think about future. what has passed has passed don’t spoil your life by thanking about it now.

But Renuka couldn’t forget Ravi and comforts her heart crying every night.

I wrote a few lines for the true lovers, hope you will like it very much.


Let the love thing happen.

Let me lose you in that.

The season of love has come.

Not only his own but the world’s

Two sweets world of love, let them go

Look at the Moon.

Don’t go ahead, stop now

let the moon also fall asleep.

Look, the could has

come to join us.

There is still fear in my mind.

Just wait a little, let

the fear disappear.

Do no take away

the time of love.

If this is the case,

hide it in yours arms.

Lets see what happens.




Aman Bainsla

CEO and Founder - Bainsla Music / Bainsla Entertaniment

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