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Love Story In A Wedding – Friends today I will tell you a love story which starts with a girl who meet me in a wedding. This is my real life story and i ama sharing my personal experience. I hope you like this love story very much.

Me and my friend Aman both lived in Sikar. Aman is a boy from my own village. We both went to Sikar to study but due to poor home conditions, started doing job also along with studies. It has been almost four months since we lived in sikar. The month of Januray-February was going on. You all know that there are a lot of weddings in Januray-February months. Love Story In A Wedding

We had a friend’s wedding in the month of January. To come to the wedding, both of us take a bike from Sikar and leave for home. We both reached home at around 6:00 in the evening. Getting ready early in the morning, we both left to go to our friend’s wedding. After reaching the wedding we met our friend. After talking for a while, we sat down on the chairs. Love Story In A Wedding

Love Story In A Wedding

Love Story In A Wedding
Love Story In A Wedding

We both stayed with the groom till the wedding rituals were over. Even after staying for 2 days, I did not like any girl there. Then I said to Aman – let’s go home now.
Aman said – Let’s talk to the groom and then go home.
After a while, both of us ask my friend the groom’s permission to go home. After a long time, he allows us to go home. Love Story In A Wedding

After that we both start the bike and reach home. My house was a short distance away from Aman’s house. The next day i went to aman’s house, then aman told me that after five days his sister’s brother-in-law is getting married. I said – you go away, I have some work at home.
Then Aman’s father said – Never mind, both of you should go away. Love Story In A Wedding
I said – okay I will go.

After five days we both reach aman’s sister’s in-laws’ house, 30 km away from the village. Where the brother-in-law of aman’s sister was married. After reaching we both meet our sister and give away what we had to keep. Because we used to go to my functions like wedding, then we also had a bag with us, in which our clothes, glasses, perfumes and shoes were kept. Love Story In A Wedding

Love Story In A Wedding

Love Story In A Wedding
Love Story In A Wedding




In the evening, after having dinner, both of us were sitting on the chairs. There was a floor DJ in front of us.Then I saw that a girl comes out of the nearby house and starts dancing on the DJ. I told Aman with a hand gesture – how well that girl is dancing.
To this Aman replied – Yes, she is really dancing well. After dancing, that girl comes and sits on the chair next to us.

After the girl sits down, we both start praising her dance. After praising the dance, she thanks us. Aman said – Maybe no one else can dance like you.
After talking for a while, Aman asked the girl her name.
The girl told her name as ‘Seema’.
Seeing Aman and Seema talking, I left from there.

On coming back after about 1 hour, Aman told me – I want to give my mobile number to seema.
I said why ?
Then Aman replied – I like him a lot, so I want to give her my mobile number.
Then I replied – OK.
It was around 10:00 in the night. There was a DJ noise all around. Seema was spreading her style while dancing on the DJ.

Seeing his dance, I was also going crazy but what to do, Aman wanted to give his mobile number before me. Because of which I did not say anything to that girl and kept watching her dance. After dancing for a while, she comes and stands in front of us. Then I tell Seema – your dance is going to make my friend crazy. But Seema doesn’t give any answer. Love Story In A Wedding

I thought maybe she had not heard, so she could not answer. After a while I Asked Aman to go home now, no one listens here. Then suddenly Seema looked back. I walk from there and stand near the bike, only then she think that both of us are going to our home. Then she went to Aman’s sister and told her that we are going to home. Love Story In A Wedding

Just then aman’s sister comes to me and ask – why are you both going to the village ?
I said – no sister! Who told you that we are going to the village?
Then Didi replied – Seema told me that you are going to home.
Then I understood that Seema is ready to take the mobile number. Then, I go and stand near Aman. Love Story In A Wedding

We both go back and sit on the chairs, where Seema was already sitting. So Aman takes out the slip (chit) of the mobile number from his pocket and stops Sapna. Sapna leaves from there with the slip of that mobile number. After she left, both of us were talking that suddenly Aman’s mobile rings. Aman saw that a call was coming from a new number.

Aman received the call and said – hello.
Then there came the voice of a girl speaking. Just then Aman told me – some girl has called, let’s walk away and talk. Because there was noise of DJ there so nothing could be heard. Both of us get up from there and walk a short distance and start talking. Love Story In A Wedding

Aman asked the girl – who are you speaking?
Then the girl replied – Know who is speaking.
Aman said – If there had been an acquaintance, it would have been known earlier who was speaking.
After talking like this, she told that I am Seema speaking. Both Aman and Seema talked for a long time and I kept listening to both of us silently.

After talking for a long time, Seema disconnected the call. Then Aman and I went inside the house to sleep. The next day, while both of us were taking a bath, Seema was standing on the tube. After bathing, we both put on new clothes and applied perfume. In the meantime, Seema said – what is the matter ! Both have already brought clothes for advance. Love Story In A Wedding

Then I said – maybe some girl likes us, so we have brought clothes and perfumes together. Love Story In A Wedding

In the evening we both returned back to our house. Here Seema and Aman also used to talk on the phone for several hours. There was such a deep love between them that it was difficult to forget each other. Gradually, the father of Sapna came to know about the love of these. He called and told everything to Aman’s brother-in-law. It was evening when suddenly I got a call from Aman’s brother-in-law. Love Story In A Wedding

During the call, I told everything about Seema and Aman’s love and said that both of them want to marry each other. I said – Seema’s mother is fully aware of their love and she is also ready For their marriage. After talking for a long time, I disconnect the phone. All the conversation between me and brother-in-law was well heard by Aman as he was sitting next to me during the call. Love Story In A Wedding

Aman and Seema used to meet each other every week. Both wanted to marry each other but apart from the girl’s mother, the whole family was against the marriage. Both the loving couple also knew that it was difficult for them to get married, but still kept on meeting. Love Story In A Wedding

Almost two years had passed of their love In these two years, they romanced a lot and both never met each other without meet. Love Story In A Wedding

After a long time, Seema’s marriage is fixed with another boy. Aman felt very sad after hearing about this but somehow I explained him and took him to Sikar. Even after getting married, Seema did not stop calling. She continues to call Aman even today. During the call, both keep talking romantically. Even after getting married, their love never diminished. Even today both of them love each other as much as before. Love Story In A Wedding


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